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Locating Your Septic Tank

Use of an Electronic Pill to locate Septic Tank

Electronic locating is a modern answer to an age-old problem. Unless your septic tank has risers or you’re the property’s original owner, you might not know precisely where the tank is located. Electronic locating allows you to avoid costly and potentially destructive excavation, making the most of time and resources in favor of a much more direct option. When our crew comes to your property to electronically locate your septic tank, they will flush a small transmitter down the toilet. It will then travel through the plumbing system and into the septic tank.

Along the way, the electronic locator sends out signals that the technician can track to more accurately map the plumbing system that leads to the septic tank. We can then take a targeted approach when digging to access the septic tank lids. It is recommended to utilize electronic locating before your tank is backing up, seeing as the transmitter cannot be flushed if the line to the septic tank is obstructed.

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